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February 7, 2009


*My Dad will be pleased with this post since he cannot stand shopping at Walmart.

I am done shopping there and do not plan to go back unless I absolutely have to. Today was the last straw. I'm tired of getting treated like a criminal there just for using coupons. Isn't the point of using coupons to save money?? At one of the Walmarts here you would think you were taking money out of the cashiers pocket when you use a coupon. I gave them three chances and today I guess they struck out. They pushed my last button when I used some formula checks and the cashier left to ask her supervisor THREE times if she could take them. I'm sure they see these checks all the time since anyone can request them and the formula companies encourage you to use them! It's not like the checks were worth more than what I was buying. I spent over $40 after the checks!! So until I begin to hear good things about Walmart and their exception customer service (good luck with that!!) I will avoid them as much as I can.

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