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January 31, 2009

Month in Review

Here is the breakdown and final numbers for the month of January for CVS:

Value of Merchandise: $488.93
Coupon Total: $265.43
Tax Paid: $8.73
Total Cost: $167.76
ECBs Used: $146.43
ECBs Earned: $145.95
Total OOP: $21.33

I will be starting the month of February with $30.99 in ECBs to roll.

January 29, 2009

Photo Survey Email

Today must have been my lucky day! First I received the $/$$ email and now I just received a photo survey email. I called CVS to make sure it was a legit email (it was). I took it and after 2/13 I'll be able to collect my $2 in ECBs! Not too bad for about 30 seconds worth of work.

Anyone else receive this?

They're Begging Me To Shop!

So today I made my last trip (or so I thought) trip to CVS. I wanted to try and build up my ECBs for next month (and for more formula) so I decided to check if either location (there are only 2 in my town) had in the throat coolers or the nasogel. I did luck out - they had in the nasogel - but only 2. So here was my transaction:

buy 2 NasoGel $15.98
-use (2) $2 off NasoGel coupons (thanks iheartCVS!)
-use $10 ECBs
=$2.34 OOP, received $15.98 ECBs

So I did manage to build my ECBs up $5.98! Once I got home I checked my email and I had two emails waiting for me. One was to save $4/$20 purchase and the other one to save $5/$30 purchase - and there were coupons in there too! Now I wish I had waited to do the Huggies deal until today since there were $3 off coupons to print out for Huggies. That would have saved me an extra $6. Oh well I still got an awesome deal on them. And with a little one I can always use more diapers!! I'll have to see if I have any coupons to pair with the CVS ones.

January 26, 2009

Not My Best

Noah and I made a trip to CVS today. I needed some items and unfortunately most of them did not give me back ECBs. I can't complain too much - I paid less than the sale price of the formula for all of this.

Mike's card:
6 CVS brand tissues $3
2 Russell Stover's boxed candy $3.99 each
1 pantene shampoo $1.25
1 box playtex sport
-use (1) $1 off playtex CVS coupon
-use (1) $1 off playtex sport coupon
-use (2) $1 off russell stover coupons
-use $8 ECBs
=$9.42 OOP, received $5 ECBs

Tanya's card:
1 similac formula $21.99
2 kotex products $3.69 each
-use (2) $1 off kotex coupons
-use (2) $2 off CVS kotex coupons
-use (1) $5 similac formula check
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $2 ECBs
=$11.37 OOP

I had thought the Kotex was going to earn me some ECBs but I guess not. I only paid $1.38 for both packages so that is still a really good deal. I'll need to begin building up my ECBs again :(
I found this great link on Melissa's blog. Hopefully it will help all of us :)


Want to win a gift card? Visit my other blog to find out how!

Good Luck!

January 25, 2009

All This For $4.37!!!

My trip didn't go quite as planned (do they ever?) BUT because of this I found some other good deals! My store didn't have the new Gillette razor so I wasn't able to that scenario. So I didn't get the razor or the boxes of tissues. Also the Huggies wipes and baby wash was 2/$5 - better than the $3 each I thought they would be :)

My store did have some Pantene products on clearance though (marked down to $1.25). I only had one coupon so I bought 2 and used the $3/2 Pantene products coupon AND I also earned $3 in ECBs. They paid me $3 to buy the shampoo!! I LOVE IT!

January 24, 2009

CVS Week of 1/25-1/31

It will be a miracle if my scenarios play out like I hope them too - but here they are. I'm starting with $15 ECBs for Mike's card and $17 ECBs for mine.

Mike's card:
buy 1 pack of Huggies $10
buy 2 huggies baby wash $6
buy 2 huggies wipes $6
-use (1) $1.50 off Huggies coupon
-use (2) $1 off huggies baby wash coupons
-use (2) $.50 off huggies wipes coupons
-use $15 ECBs
=$2.50 + tax OOP, receive $5 ECBs

buy 1 gillette fusion $7.99, get $4 ECBs
buy 4 boxes of CVS tissues $2
-use (1) $4 gillette fusion coupon
-use $5 ECBs from first transaction
=$.99 + tax OOP, receive $4 ECBs

Tanya's card:
buy 2 packs of huggies diapers, get $5 ECBs
buy 1 gillette shampoo $4.99, get $3 ECBs
buy 1 CVS tissue $.50
-use (1) $2 huggies coupon
-use (1) $1.50 huggies coupon
-use (1) $2 gillette shampoo coupon
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $14 ECBs
=$.99 + tax OOP, get $8 ECBs

buy 2 Advil cold & sinus $10
buy 1 Robitussin $6
buy 2 wisk $9
-use (2) $2 advil cold & sinus coupons
-use (1) $2 robitussin coupon
-use (1) $1.50/2 wisk coupon
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $11 ECBs
=$1.50 + tax OOP, get $7 ECBs

If these all work out I should have $11 in ECBs for next time. I'm hoping to get all of this done tomorrow before I head to work.

BTW, does anyone know if there is currently a gift card deal going on if you take in a new or transferred prescription?

January 23, 2009


I decided to give Walmart another chance this morning. The last time I went there I ended up calling/talking to the manager because the cashier was so rude and would not take my internet coupons even though I had their policy with me. Thankfully the one that helped me today (a head cashier no less!!) scanned/took all of my coupons with no problem. I even ended up making a little money with some of the coupons, which really helped me out since I had to pick up formula for Noah. I bought 29 items for $33.09! Here's what I got:

2% milk $3.83
5 J&J Buddies soaps $.97 each
2 J&J baby lotion $.97 each (trial size)
baby cotton swabs $1.38
2 J&J First aid kits $.97 each (travel size)
bananas $1.20
8 yoplait yogurts $.50 each
4 boxes of pocky (Logan loves these!) $1.08 each
3 cans chef boyardee $.82 each
Parent's Choice formula $11.88
Nestle goodstart formula $9.78
-use (1) $3/2 Johnson & Johnson first aid kits
-use (2) $3/3 J&J buddies products
-use (1) $5 Nestle formula
-use (1) $2 Nestle formula check
-use (1) $.35/3 chef boyardee cans
-use (1) $1/8 yoplait yogurts
-use (2) $1 off Johnson baby lotion/cream
=$33.09 OOP

*after looking at my receipt a little closer I noticed that they had not taken off the $5 Nestle check. I called and spoke to someone about it - she said she would take the coupon over to customer service and that I would have to explain to them what happened. They would then refund the $5. I guess I'll be making another trip to Walmart - thank goodness it's not too far!! So that makes my total $28.09 - even better.

**always check your receipt!! If I hadn't noticed this I would have been out $5 - think of how much that can buy at CVS :) Hahaha

Calling All You CVS Lovers!!

Anyone want a $15 gift card to CVS? Yeah, I thought you might like that! Head over to Melissa's Bargain blog to find out how to enter :)

January 19, 2009

CVS Again

I made my second trip to CVS to use the $5/$15 CVS coupon I received yesterday - here is what I got:
1 St. Ives body wash $2.99
4 Excedrin $1.99 each
2 Herbal Essence shampoo $2.99 each
3 American greeting cards $.99 each
-use (1) $2 off St. Ives coupon
-use (4) $2 off Excedrin coupons (1 was adjusted down to $1.96)
-use (2) $1 off Herbal essence coupons
-use $5/$15 CVS coupon
=$2.94 + tax OOP, received $5 ECBs

I also received some CRTs to use. $1 off Playtex tampons and $1 off any size Excedrin. The excedrin and st. ives coupons were printable ones. Go to A Full Cup (link is on my sidebar) to find out where to get them.

Want to see some more CVS savings? Visit the "Cent"sible Sawyer!

January 18, 2009

CVS Week of 1/18 - 1/24

Today I didn't get the absolute best deals from CVS BUT once I mail in for the Pepsi rebate it will have cost me $6 to get all of this!

Mike's card:
Buy 4 Pepsi products $12
Buy 3 Lay's products $9
-use $4/$20 CVS coupon received through email
-use $14.48 ECBs
= $2.52 (no tax) OOP, received $10 ECBs

Tanya's card:
Buy 4 Pepsi products $12
Buy 3 Lay's products $9
Buy 2 Axe shower gels $10
Buy 1 box Reese's pieces $.99 (for movie)
-use $5/$30 CVS coupon received through email
-use (1) $1 Lay's coupon (was not able to print more)
-use (2) $1.50 Axe coupons
-use $5 ECBs
=$17.99 + tax OOP, received $13 ECBs

Like I said they're not the best scenarios but they were all things we will be using, especially with the Super Bowl coming up. How about you? Did you find some good deals at my favorite store? Let me know!!

I almost forgot - I received a $5/$15 purchase for Mike's card which means I'll be making another trip to CVS this week. Check back later to see what else I scored :)

Want some more scenarios? Click HERE!

CVS & Pepsi Deal

Here is a great deal to take advantage of on Jan. 18th at CVS:
Buy 4 Pepsi products $12
Buy 2 Lay's products $6
Buy 2 Pepsi 2 liters $2.50
-use (2) $1 Lay's coupons
=$18.50 + tax OOP, get $10 ECBs

Go HERE to fill out a rebate from Pepsi to receive $15 in coupons! Over a $6 profit - not too bad!!

Many thanks to i heart CVS, A Full Cup and Stretching a Buck!!

OR you could make it an even better deal if you're able to print out 5 of the Lay's coupons and buy 5 Lay's products :)

January 15, 2009

More Target Deals

I took Noah in for his 4 month check-up and since the clinic we go to is in the mall I decided to swing by Target. I picked up a couple of cute toys for Noah. They now have some marked down 50%-75% off.

I picked him up this cute little train - it was only $9.98 (reg. $19.99)!!

And this little gas pump - I'm sure him & Logan will have a blast with it this summer - this was only $7.48 (reg. $14.99).

I also had Mike stop there to look at the toys because they were such a great deal. He picked up this cool Radio Flyer ride-on. It was marked down to $24.49 (reg. $49.99). We'll hold onto that until Noah's 1st birthday.

He also found something for Logan. I'm sure he'll love this Diego toy - it was only $4.48 (reg. $19.99)!

January 14, 2009


I went to CVS this morning all prepared to use yet another $3 CVS product coupon and get some more Colgate toothpaste. I went there last night (a different location) and did the same transaction without any problems. But this morning the cashier would not let me use the 6 Colgate coupons. She explained since they were BOGO free I could not use 6 coupons, I would only be able to use 3. I told her that I was buying 6 products though so I should be able to use all 6 but she wouldn't allow it. Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had a problem before. Thanks for your input!


I have to admit it, I hardly ever go to Kmart. The one we have in town is pretty run down and they don't have the best selection. But this week since they are doubling coupons with a face value up to $2 I couldn't resist going there! I was only able to use 9 of the coupons that I brought with me. Here is what I got:

Bought 2 packs of Huggies diapers $21.98
Bought 2 packs of Huggies pull-ups $21.98
Bought 2 packs of Celestials tea $5.58
-use (2) $2 off huggies diapers coupons
-use (2) $1.50 huggies pull-ups coupons
-use (1) $1 off celestial seasonings tea coupon
=$33.54 + tax OOP

When you break it down I ended up paying about $.30/pull-up and about $.20/diaper - not too bad for Huggies.

I will also be able to submit the receipt to The Caregiver's Marketplace to get another $3 back on the packs of Huggies.

January 13, 2009

Retail Therapy

I think the weather is getting to me. Tonight I NEEDED to get out of the house. In particular, I needed a break from Logan. He did not nap today and although he was pretty well-behaved he is still a 3 year old. Who did.not.nap. Enough said. So I went to CVS (did you have any doubt) and to Target. I could have spent a lot more time in Target but it was getting pretty late. They have quite a bit of merchandise marked anywhere from 30-75% off. I found a couple of things for all of us. Well, except Noah but he isn't lacking for stuff so I figured he wouldn't be too offended ;) Here is what I got at Target:

4 J&J Buddies soaps $1.12 each
2 J&J Buddies body wash $2.84 each
1 shirt for Mike $3.74 (75% off)
1 shirt for Mike $6.74 (75% off)
1 pajama pants for me $7.48 (50% off)
1 stocking cap for Logan $2.98 (30% off)
4 Kotex products $2.79 each
-use (2) $2 off J&J Buddies soap coupons
-use (2) $2 off J&J products coupons
-use (1) $1 off Kotex products (Target coupon)
-use (3) $2 off Kotex products (Target coupon)
-use (3) $.75 off Kotex products coupons
-use (1) $1 off Kotex products coupons
=$23.42 + tax OOP

CVS Transaction
2 Veet products $4.50 each (50% off)
4 Tubes of Colgate $2.79 each (BOGO free)
2 Tubes of Colgate $2.29 each (BOGO free)
1 package of CVS napkins $3.49
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $3 off CVS product coupon
-use (2) $1 off Colgate coupons
-use (4) $1.50 off Colgate coupons
-use $4 in ECBs
=$.36 + tax OOP

I really hope CVS gets in the children's throat coolers soon. I would like to build up my ECBs before the end of the month. They will be having a good deal on Huggies and I'd like to stock up on them.

Need Some Toothpaste?

If you're in need of some toothpaste, here is the deal for you:

Buy 6 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
-use (6) $1.50 off colgate toothpaste coupons
CVS has Colgate on sale BOGO free with a limit of 6. Prices start as low as $1.99 so if you have 6 of those coupons this could be a pretty nice moneymaker!!

To make the deal even sweeter - fill out THIS form from Colgate to receive a free travel bag with samples and coupons inside. (Must purchase at least $15 in qualifying products.)

January 12, 2009

Target Trip

This is what we picked up for the boys when we went back to Target to check out the toys that were clearanced. It was VERY tempting to buy more!! These will make great birthday presents for them and I'm sure Logan will enjoy the little garage as much as Noah :)
The Fisher Price Racin' Ramps Garage was marked down to $23 and the semi-truck full of cars was $14.

CVS Week of 1/11 - 1/17

CVS doesn't seem to have too many great deals this week. I went there today just to check out the Christmas merchandise. It's at 90% off!! My CVS still had quite a bit of stuff. I found some cute little trees to put out in the yard next year. They are about 4 feet tall and they were marked down to $1.99 (reg. $19.99) - what a steal!! Here is what I got:

Bought 2 48" pop-up Christmas trees $3.98
Bought 2 CVS shaving creams $2
Bought 1 CVS hand soap $1.69
-used (1) $3 off CVS products
-used $4 ECBs
=$.67 + tax OOP

They had not gotten in anymore of the throat coolers. I hope to pick some more of those up and use the ECBs to buy more formula for Noah. Does anyone know what the limit is on the throat coolers? I have bought 4 so far with my card and it doesn't say that I've reached my limit.

My CVS had a lot of their CVS products on clearance so this will be a great week to use the $3 coupon!!

January 9, 2009

Is it weird that this is what I hope I get for my birthday next week? Just wondering if I'm a little too obsessed with couponing.

January 8, 2009

Target Savings

Noah & I stopped at Target today. They have a TON of their toys clearanced. They are marked anywhere from 30-50% off. I found some really good deals. Mike & I plan on going there tonight - we're planning on stocking up for birthday gifts for the boys. They also have their winter apparel (gloves, hats, snow pants) on clearance from 30-75% off. They have snow pants as little as $4.24!! I think we'll be grabbing some of those tonight too. Their Christmas stuff is pretty picked over but that is marked down to 90% off. I did pick up a couple of things while we were there:
Buy 3 packs of Electrosol gel packs $3.25
Buy 1 bottle of Archer farms juice $2.49
Buy 2 travel pinball games $2.08 (clearanced from $2.99)
Buy 1 pack of Christmas cards $.69 (clearanced from $6.99)
-use (3) $2.50 off electrosol coupons
-use (1) $1 off archer farms juice coupon
=8.59 + tax OOP, received $1 off coupon for Kotex products

January 7, 2009

This week is a special week. It's the week where us bloggers BEG people to leave comments. It is National Delurker Week. So show me that you read the blog and leave me a comment :)

January 5, 2009

CVS Scenarios

Transaction #1:
Buy 2 children's throat coolers $9.98, get $9.98 ECBs
Buy 1 listerine product $5.29, get $3 ECBs
-use (1) children's throat cooler printable
-use (1) $3/$15 CVS printable
-use $5 ECBs
=$1.28 + tax OOP, get $12.98 ECBs

Transaction #2:
Buy 1 One Touch glucose monitoring system $29.99
Buy 1 20 pack of cottonelle $12.97, get $4 ECBs
Buy 1 CVS product (I picked up dryer sheets BOGO 50% off)
Buy Enfamil formula $22.99 (Noah is almost out of this)
-use (1) $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use (1) $30 off one touch glucose coupon
-use (1) $3 off CVS brand printable
-use $19.98 ECBs
-use $5 Enfamil check
=$8.95 OOP, get $4 ECBs

Transaction #3:
Buy 2 Mylanta products $11
Buy 2 Stayfree products $9, get $10 ECBs when you purchase $20 in qualifying products
Buy 1 One Touch glucose monitoring system $29.99
-use (1) $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use (1) $30 off one touch glucose coupon
-use (1) $4 off mylanta coupon
-use (1) BOGO free stayfree coupon
-use (1) $2 off CRT stayfree coupon
-use $4 ECBs
=$.49 + tax OOP, get $10 ECBs

These aren't the best scenarios BUT I will be donating almost all of these products to the shelter that I've been taking items to.

Transaction #2 was all stuff that we needed around here (except the monitoring system) which is why the OOP was so high, but I can't complain about paying less than $9 for formula and other needed items!

January 4, 2009

CVS Week of 1/4 - 1/10

I did two transactions today. One using my card and one using Mike's.

Using my card:
Buy 1 fructis product $2.99, get $2 ECBs
Buy 1 20 pack of cottonelle, get $4 ECBs
-use (1) $3/$15 CVS printable (click here to find out more)
-use (1) $1 off fructis coupon
-use (1) $.50 off cottonelle coupon
-use $9.98 in ECBs
=1.48 + tax OOP, get $6 ECBs

Using Mike's card:
Buy 1 fructis product $2.99, get $2 ECBs
Buy 2 children's throat coolers, get $9.98 ECBs
Buy 2 CVS tissue packs $2.49, BOGO 50% off
-use (1) $1 off fructis coupon
-use (1) BOGO children's throat cooler coupon
-use (1) $3 off CVS brand coupon
-use $9 in ECBs
=$1.71 + tax OOP, get $11.98 ECBs

After looking at my receipts once I got home I realized that the cashier forgot to use the $3 off coupon on the last transaction. Still not too bad of a deal.

January 3, 2009

January Charity

I dropped this off at the abused adult and children's center in town. Pictured above are:
-3 bottles of shampoo
-2 bottles of conditioner
-2 bottles of Pedialyte
-1 bag of Halls
-2 women's razors
-5 tubes of toothpaste
-1 bottle of Excedrin
-1 bar of J&J bath soap

January 2, 2009

Deal Idea

Here is another moneymaker for CVS:
Buy 2 Glucerna shakes $20.98, get $5 ECBs
-use (2) glucerna printable coupon (go here to find out more)
Buy 4 boxes CVS facial tissue (BOGO 50% off)

-use $3 off any CVS brand product (go here to find out more)

To use the glucerna coupons you'll have to do two separate transactions. I paid $1.89 OOP for all 6 items and earned $5 in ECBs. I'll be donating the glucerna shakes to the shelter here and keeping the tissues for our use. With a 4 month old who is teething we go through a lot of them!!

January 1, 2009

January ECB Deals

I went to CVS today to get some of the deals for January. Here is how I did:

Buy 2 pantene 2/$7, get $2 ECBs
Buy 1 gillette body wash $3.99
Buy 2 dawn dishsoaps BOGO $1.49
Buy 2 Children's throat coolers $4.99, get $4.99 ECBs
-use (1) $3/$15 CVS printable (click here to find out how)
-use (2) $.50 off dawn dishsoap coupons
-use (2) $2 off pantene shampoo coupons
-use (1) $2 off gillette body wash coupon
-use (1) BOGO free children's throat coolers coupon
-use $8 in ECBs
=$.16 (including tax!!!) OOP, get $16.98 ECBs (I received $5 in ECBs from my fall spending)

I think this by far is my best deal so far!


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