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February 9, 2009

A Comparison

I just wanted to let you in on a little secret - sometimes it is worth it to buy a newspaper even if you do not plan on reading it. For example, the newspaper for my city absolutely sucks when it comes to coupon inserts. This week we received one insert with under 20 coupons in it that totaled less than $30 worth of coupons. I bought another cities newspaper (Minneapolis Star Tribune) and that paper had four inserts this week with over 200 coupons and over $275 in coupons! Sometimes it is completely worth it to spend an extra $2.25 for a newspaper you do not plan on reading!!

This week is a very slow week at CVS. I only plan on going there once this week which is not normal at all :) Here is my one and only transaction:
buy 2 packs of Pampers $19.98
buy 1 Dawn $.99
buy Madagascar 2 $4.99 (with qualifying purchase)
-use (2) $2 off Pampers coupons
-use (1) $.50 off Dawn coupon
-use (1) $3 off Madagascar 2 coupon
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
=$14.57 OOP

I don't plan on using any of my ECBs for this purchase. Logan will enjoy the movie and Noah will be using the diapers :) I hope next week is better!!

BTW - my CVS FINALLY got the magic scanner machine - I am beyond excited!!


PoorMom said...

I love the 'magic scanner' machine , lol. I'd just read about it the other day and was in CVS the very next day picking up a new script for my son , he's got ANOTHER ear infection. On my way to the pharmacy I saw it and stopped to scan my card . A $25 gift card with any new prescription poped out !!!

That paid for my son's script and then some ...with my purchases I walked out with 15.00 still on the card and $4 in ECBs !

LUV that machine !


TheAngelForever said...

I have to ask, where are you getting the 5/25 CVS coupons? I have not received any via e-mail or the scanner in quite some time. I saw the Madagascar deal and wish I had done it. Not sure why I never saw the coupon for it either. *sigh* Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tanya said...

I have gotten quite a few from the scanner. I also tend to get them on the bottom of my receipts too. I'm not sure how they "choose" who to give them to. My Mom always get the $3/$15 purchase which I wish I would get :)

As for getting the ones by email make sure you are set up to receive special offers by email. The default setting is to not receive them. Double-check yours by going into into your email communications and make sure it's set to "subscribed".

Stop by again!!

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