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October 28, 2010

I'm Here - I Promise!!

Hello everyone!  I know I've been gone for way too long, but I have a really good excuse!  Check out these two cuties:
I would like to introduce you to Alexander Taylor and Oliver Louis.  They were born on 9.2.10.  Xander weighed 7#11oz, 19 1/4" long and born at 1:44 pm.  Oliver weighed 6#8oz, 20" long and born at 2:09 pm. 

The birth didn't go quite as planned and Oliver was born via emergency c-section.  He ended up staying in the NICU for 15 days.  Oliver was not breathing when he was born and had a couple of seizures once they did get him breathing.  Everything appears to be fine and we haven't seen any complications since he's been home.  It was a super stressful time for all of us but now that everyone is home we have been adjusting to being a family of six!!

Mike was able to be home for the first six weeks which was great!  This week was actually my first full week of being home alone with all of them by myself.  It was stressful at times but we have survived :)
I have still been couponing (when I can get away), I just haven't been posting.  I plan to start posting again soon and actually had a fabulous shopping trip to Target this past week that I want to brag about :)

I hope everyone is doing well.  I've been reading all the blogs and hope you're all still stopping by mine.  I'll update again soon!!
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