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OOP - out of pocket BOGO - buy one get one
WYB - when you buy CRT - cash register tape
ECB - extra care bucks (CVS) mannie - manufacturer coupon
peelie - coupon located on merchandise Q - coupon

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January 7, 2009

This week is a special week. It's the week where us bloggers BEG people to leave comments. It is National Delurker Week. So show me that you read the blog and leave me a comment :)


Anonymous said...


You have great tips. I do get double coupons at our grocery store, yesterday I got $46 of groceries for $20. Not bad, General Mills had cereal on sale. Aunt Raylene

Nancy said...

First time I've been to this blog, so I'm not really a lurker...but I do lurk regularly/post semi-regularly at your other blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Go to Pier 1, They have tons of stuff 75% off and some at 50% off. I'm planning for next year. I should have got your mom a rooster. They had a blown glass one. Auntie

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