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January 14, 2009


I went to CVS this morning all prepared to use yet another $3 CVS product coupon and get some more Colgate toothpaste. I went there last night (a different location) and did the same transaction without any problems. But this morning the cashier would not let me use the 6 Colgate coupons. She explained since they were BOGO free I could not use 6 coupons, I would only be able to use 3. I told her that I was buying 6 products though so I should be able to use all 6 but she wouldn't allow it. Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had a problem before. Thanks for your input!


Lisa Lindsay said...

Yes, I've had this happen before. I emailed corporate about the problem. They emailed back that customers are allowed to use 1 coupon per item on BOGO deals. I carry that email in my coupon organizer and whip it out anytime I have a problem. Good luck!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the tip Lisa! I think I will email CVS so that I can carry that email around with my other coupon policies. I just seem to have that problem at the one CVS - the other one scans my coupons with no problems :)

Bethany said...

I've never had that problem, but I have a good friend that lives about 45 minutes away and they won't let her use two Q's on a BOGO sale! I don't get it, since CVS would get more money back from the manufacturer if they take 2 Q's! It seems like they would prefer this! :)

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