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September 15, 2009

Garage Sale Results

The garage sale was a HIT! I cannot believe how well it went. I am still shocked. At this time of year my little town has an International Pow Wow - meaning that according to the numbers there were an additional 22,000 people here over the weekend. For some reason it has become a tradition for people to have garage sales while the Pow Wow is in town. And for some reason they are a HUGE success! For example we live south of one particular street where almost every other house has a garage sale. Starting on Thursday of Pow Wow weekend that street becomes completely packed with people walking up & down it trying to find the best deals. This, of course, worked to my complete advantage since I just had to put out two signs directing people to our house.

I didn't really expect almost ALL of my stockpile stuff to sell but it did. When I packed up the stuff at the end of the sale I had enough left to fill ONE plastic tote! That's it!! I made over $300 on the stockpile stuff alone :) And we managed to sell all of our big item stuff that didn't sell at our other garage sale (in May). AND the biggest, best thing is the fact that I had TWO people ask if I would be willing to travel to their cities to teach a couponing class like the one I'll be teaching here at the end of the month. I am SO excited about this!!

Ok, enough about all that - here are some pictures:
These pictures were taken the night before the sale. When the sale ended I MAYBE could have filled the little card table on the left. I think I filled the tables about 3 times. Friday night after I closed up I had to run over to my Mom's and raid her stockpile!
I am now debating about possibly having a couple stockpile sales this winter. I would have to host those in our basement since it's too cold here to even have them in the garage but I think they would be pretty popular. Any suggestions?

BTW, because of the sales from this one garage sale I have now basically been paid over $50 for shopping at CVS since the beginning of the year! That's not even counting the $165 I made at the first garage sale :)

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Diane said...

That is awesome!!!!!!

PKowis said...

You did great! How did you do your pricing?

slugmama said...

That's just wonderful!
And if you do the couponing classes, will you be charging for those? Hope so....

And yes, let's here your pricing.
I need to get organizing and have another Garage Sale too, before the weather turns.

A winter sale?....I'd think you would need to do some heavy advertising to get a crowd to come. It depends on whether folks around your parts would be willing to schlep around in snow & cold for a bargain! ;-)

WTG on the Sale and on all that profit from CVS!!

Tanya said...

I'll get the prices posted in the next couple of days, Noah has surgery tomorrow. I think I might raise the prices on some items since they went really quick - only one person questioned the price of one item (Air Wick starter kit priced at $3 - she wanted to give me only a buck! I don't think so!!) Everybody else never questioned them.

Sluggy - I would charge for the class most definitely ;) The class that I'll be teaching at the college is $40/person BUT the college gets $30 of that! If I can find a place to teach them for free/cheap I think $25 would be a reasonable price for a 2 hour class. What do you guys think??

If I did decide to do a winter sale I would have it in the garage. Hopefully at my Mom & Dad's since they have a heated one. Right now I would rather pursue the classes than worry about selling stuff since I'm ahead anyways in profit :) Plus, I have to get my stockpile built back up - hahaha.

slugmama said...

I think $25 for a 2 hour class is a good price.
Seriously, the college takes 75% of the cost? I wouldn't do all that for $10...geez!lol
How about a community center or grange hall or ymca or senior center? Surely, there has to be some place you could do this for free or a small rental fee.
I know some folks hold classes at a restaurant...they arrange ahead of time to do this and as long as everyone has a meal, they let you take-over a small room or something for a couple hours....so build the price of the meal into your fee for the class and they get lunch & a 'show'.
Just some options to think about if you haven't already considered them.

frugal mommy said...

I had a garage sale this month too and put some of my stockpile out just to get a little space back. I never would've guessed how people would but that stuff up so fast. I just put everything out on a table and marked the table 50 cents. I figured that was better than just donating it and it would cover the tax on most of the items (which were all free). I don't know if I would want to individually mark everything.

Tanya said...

Sluggy - I couldn't believe they keep that much either until it was already too late. I do realize that if someone takes the class they will be able to save that in one shopping trip alone but it is still expensive. I was going to check into doing the class at the local library and my Mom had mentioned the restaurant thing. I guess one of her friends had a purse party and the only thing the restaurant asked was that they purchase 2-3 appetizers.

frugalmommy-I didn't think my stuff would sell so well either. I didn't get that many of my items for free which is why the prices varied from $.50-$4 (I'll post my prices soon). It did take time pricing stuff but it was completely worth it!

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