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September 18, 2009

Garage Sale Info.

For those of you who asked, here are the prices I set for the garage sale:

Vaseline lotion: $1
Veet cream: $2
Schick razors: $3
Clearasil facial cleanser: $1
Roc cleanser: $3
Olay cleanser: $4
Shaving gel (all brands): $.50
L'Oreal towelettes: $3
Axe body wash: $2
Carefree pads: $1
Poise pads: $.75
Deodorant (all brands): $1
Visine: $1
Blink gel tears: $1.50
Toothpaste (all brands): $1.50
Dove skinvitalizer: $3
Skinvitalizer refills: $2
Febreze noticeables: $2
Air Wick i-motion: $3
Glade plug-ins: $2.50
Endust: $1
Febreze room spray: $1.50
Salad dressing (all brands): $.50
baby formula: $2
Revitalift eye creme: $5
Pert Plus: $1.25
Aveeno shampoo: $2
Pantene shampoo: $1.50
Suave body wash: $1
Softsoap body wash: $2
What do you think of the prices? Any suggestions you have would be great! The toothpaste didn't go that fast this sale - too high maybe? Also the Axe, febreze spray, endust, vaseline lotion and shampoos flew out the door - should I mark these up?


slugmama said...

I think your prices are spot on mostly Tanya.
I charged $1 for shaving gel/cream and it almost sold out. I also charged $2 for Axe stuff and it sold out fast, so you might be right about upping what you charge on that one a bit(.25 or .50?). Toothpaste at mine was $1 for any...I think I would have sold out if I didn't have 150 tubes to start.lol
I'd raise the fancy shampoos(any thing but Suave & VO5)to $2 bottle, and the salad dressing to $1 if they are the 16 oz. bottles.
I think I'll take a page from you and mark all the deodorant at $1 next time. The ones I had at $1 almost sold out but the fancy $4 retail Dove deos sat all day at $2.ugh They were free to me so anything I get is profit.lol
And anything MENS in shampoo or body wash didn't sell for me...just razors, deo and shaving gel and Axe.
I did sell some of those Profoot brand shoe inserts u get for cheap or free at Rite-Aid after SCR.
Oh, and if you put out Band-aids, price them at $2ea. I sold out at that price, which was puzzling since they were on sale most places here this summer for $2.50 in the stores.
Go figure...lol
Thanks for sharing your pricing!!

Sarah said...

YOur prices look good to me. I like to stick to about 25% of CVS retail, or even go as high as 50% of Walmart prices if its nicer stuff. I also try to stick to whole dollar amounts when I can - just makes it a lot easier to keep up with.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the advice you two!!

slugmama - I agree with you on the shaving cream because mine was gone by Friday night. The salad dressing I will up that to at least $.75 next time. I will be marking the toothpaste at $1 next time and marking the Axe up a bit since it went so fast at $2 (I had some people buying 5 bottles!!) My razors didn't sell this time which surprised me since they were almost gone the last time and I had them the same price. I guess it's all a learning game :)

slugmama said...

Here's a post on another blog with her garage sale/stockpile pricing and how she did. It might be worth a read for more pricing ideas...

Tanya said...

Thanks sluggy I'll check it out :)

Anonymous said...


I was directed to your blog by another “local” ND couponer who stumbled upon it. Through your posts I was able to determine what city you are in which is the same city myself and several other couponers who directed me to this blog live in. We only recently found your blog and am very happy to find other ND families working so hard to save money and get great deals for their family and how wonderful it is that you donate so much to our local charities. There is one thing that saddened all of us as we reviewed your blog…..is that you are “buying” product from the shelves in our lone single Kmart and Target and 2 CVS’s only to turn around and sell it for a profit at your garage sales. I will use the TAG sprays/deodorant and Vaseline Lotion as an example. In your Kmart photos for the last several doubles events you have an abundance of TAG products and Vaseline in your photos which is great to get them for FREE for personal use or to help out family, but to take product off the shelf to sell at a garage sale for personal profit is not right. We only have ONE Kmart anywhere near us and I’m sure you have noticed that they are not good about restocking shelves during doubles week….many of the other local couponers I know including myself tried to get these products at doubles for our own PERSONAL USE only to find the shelves empty and then we find them on your blog being sold at your rummage sales for personal profit. Same to be said about the AirWick Mini’s that you purposely bought to sell at your garage sale, which would explain why the rest of us could not find them at CVS. Please be courteous to your fellow couponers in our small local area and not wipe out the shelves of a product you are not even going to use, but plan on selling for personal profit. I really hope you did not suggest this to people who attended your BSC course last night.

Couponing, saving money and donating to our local charities the way we do is a wonderful thing for our community and I commend you, just please take into consideration there are others in your community trying to get the same deals you are for our personal use not for resale for personal profit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm glad you found this site helpful. I truly appreciate Tanya for doing the leg work and documenting the deals she was able to get, so I can save time and money by copying her.

I just wish people like you that find a reason to criticize others, would take the time to leave your name.

I appreciate that you live in a small market area. However, I'm sure Tanya has felt similar frustration at missing out on a particular deal becaue the store shelves are empty. However, I doubt this is her fault or yours for that matter.

Best to all.

slugmama said...

Anonymous-If you have been a reader of Tanya for ANY length of time, you KNOW that she is NOT one to "clear the shelves" as you say. I have SEEN shelf clearers in action...just last night as a matter of fact at MY local KMart. This selfclearer disregarded the 4 of the same coupon limit rule and swept an entire SHELF of 1 product into her cart! She had 20+ coupons for that item. So uncool... Personally, if she had followed the rules and bought 4 and gone back into the store and bought 4 more, etc. until the coupons were gone I would have had NO problem with that.

Tanya IS a considerate shopper and follows the rules! If you read here, you will see that she often finds empty shelves when shopping(as do we all). She is NOT a shelf clearer! Because she is a SAHM she has more opportunity to be in the store, thus she has more opportunites to find the deals. That may make it seem like she buys everything before you get a chance to get off you duff and go to the store.
And she makes the time to check the stores. She takes her couponing seriously and spends alot of time preparing to shop. This take serious work! Ask yourself if you are working as hard at this? If you aren't & you want these results, maybe you should put more into it. If you don't have/want to put the time/energy in then go find something better to do than spending your time ragging on someone else who does.
If you devoted more time to this you might be able to find more/better deals too, so don't be hatin' or jealous or whatever is the source of your anger. Devote your energies to the POSITIVE things in life because sister, jealous is small and will eat you alive.

If your Store shelves are empty then why not direct this ENERGY toward the STORE instead of misplacing it onto Tanya? Be PROACTIVE and reach out to the Store to say there is a problem here(no product on the shelves)...because in the long run is IS the STORE'S Problem. If they don't restock, they can't sell, therefore they don't make a profit and don't stay in business.
Let management know what is going on-the lack of product. You will find that the management often will be totally unaware of what is happening IN the store, in the trenches if you will. Call, email, write the manager instead of bitching at someone who IS NOT the PROBLEM.

And as for what she does with what she buys, I don't see why YOU have a problem with it. Does she go into your home and criticize how you use or dispose of what you buy? I could buy stuff and throw all it in the trash. Beyond being a stupid thing to do, it is really NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Good Lord woman, look around you....people buy stuff ALL THE TIME to sell it! Have you ever heard of eBAY?!
What do you think a STORE is anyway?....they BUY things from a manufacturer/company and reSELL them to customers. Complaining about Tanya reselling things she buys makes about as much sense as going to KMart and complaining that they resell things they buy from a company.lolol
Someone needs to give you a lesson in the free market system of business. We are NOT a communist society...yet.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the small communities...large cities like the one I live in are constantly wiped out of the sales. This goes for grocery, mass merchant and drugstores. We cannot affordw ith gas and time to go to 6 different CVS's to find a deal on say deoderant. We are in the same boat as everyone else. Furthermore, anyone can buy however much they want. Frankly it is none of our business what people do with the items once they are home. If this is someone's way of avoiding the wholesale dealers that force home business owners to buy hundreds of ONE item so they have a miniscule chance making a profit on eBay then so be it. This is a free -enterprise society. Getting to the store for a sale or available merchandise has always been first come first serve.

Tanya said...

Thank you for all the support.

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