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July 23, 2009

Help Me Out!

Hey everyone - I need your help! I just got a call from one of the local colleges in town and they are intested in having me teach some couponing classes :) I'm so excited to do this, but I need some advice! I am going to be changing the name of my blog since I don't just post deals about CVS. Can you help me think of a new name for my website? I would be forever grateful :)

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Sarah said...

I am getting to the point where I want to do the classes too! I started up a new blog, but I am not sure I am ready to really "launch" it yet. Hmmm...I will think & if something comes to me I will let you know. Good luck!

Trish said...

Good Luck! I am horrible with names, but something frugal, deals, etc... just leave off the word 'mom'... lol. Everyone uses that. :0)


Anonymous said...

how about if you utilize your real title "Queen of Coupons" You have always been a queen. Love you, Aunt Gail

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I have something on a more serious note. How about "Saving Dollars in the Dakota's. You could use that for your class also.
Love Aunt Gail

Trish said...

I like your Aunt Gails suggestion!

slugmama said...

What fun being asked to teach a class!
I'm with the others....incorporate your region/state into your blog name....Smokin' Dakota Deals, Down with Dakota Deals...and leave out "Mom"-'mom' blogs have been done to death. lol

good luck!!

slugmama said...

I was vacuuming my upstairs hallway and had an inspiration hit me about your new name....either that or something fell off the bookshelf and hit me and I THOUGHT it was inspiration.lol
The Dakota Deal Diva
Dontcha lurve it??lol

Tanya said...

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions!!

Jennifer said...

You need to make sure you look into trademarks & copyrights when you make a name change. And, make the $10 investment and buy a .com because it will make you look more professional. Just saying... Get with me directly if you need anymore helpful info :)

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