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July 10, 2009

Final Kmart Trip

I decided to go back one more time to Kmart. I wanted to look some more at the toy items and I wanted to try to get some more great coupons to use for future trips. I scored on both :) I picked up a new toy for each of the boys. Logan got a cool circular saw for $5 and Noah got a musical Sesame Street toy for $3.50. I also picked up a birthday present for our little cousin who will turn 3 in October for only $9. The toys were pretty picked over but I only paid $14.50 for all three items so I think that's a pretty good deal!Here is what else I got:
2 boxes Cheerios $1.50 each
-used (2) $.55 printable coupons
2 boxes Honey Nut Chex $1.50 each
2 Vaseline lotions $3 each
-used (2) $1.25 Vaseline coupons
6 Kotex products $1.29 each
-used (6) $1 Kotex coupons
2 Edge shaving creams $1.99 each
-used (2) $.75 Edge coupons
3 Dove deodorants $3.99
-used (3) $2 Dove coupons
3 Degree deodorants 3/$7
-used (3) $.75 Degree coupons
1 Degree girl deodorant $1.50
-used (1) $.75 Degree coupon
1 Pantene shampoo $3.34
-used $2 Pantene coupon
2 Keebler fudge shop cookies $3 each
-used (2) $1 Keebler coupons
-used $5/$25 Health & Beauty Kmart coupon
=$10.84 OOP, received a $7 coupon to use on my next shopping trip!!

I had a ton of Kotex coupons that were close to expiring - these will all be going to one of the shelters in town. I am glad this week is over at Kmart - I think they were sick of me and all my coupons :) My store has been great during the doubles week! I used over 10 coupons each trip and the cashiers never had a problem with that. They were so impressed with my savings. How did you do at Kmart? Did you go this week? You can see my other trips there this week HERE.

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slugmama said...

Nice score on the toys! Toys are a real budget buster sometimes. I can't believe what they charge for some toys...and people pay it...eek!
Your son looks pleased as punch over what you got.lolol

I picked up a few myself Thursday night. My youngest is past the toys stage but I can eBay these and donate the heavier ones(b/c nobody wants to pay to ship heavy stuff anymore on eBay).

Are you SURE you don't have 1 more KMart run in you? Still one more day left....lolol
I keep saying I'm done too. ;-)
I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to get that KMart shops on my blog. I need a shop-free week to catch up!

Tanya said...

NO more trips for me this week. I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow so the last thing I'll want to do is hit the stores :)

I was just telling a co-worker tonight that I am WORN out from shopping so much!! LOL

SH said...

I'm loving the toy deals ! check out mine

Melissa said...

I loved looking through all of your Kmart trips - Great job! You found some really awesome deals. The Kmart I go to for doubles is on a slightly different schedule (they do their event Wednesday-Tuesday), so I'm looking forward to making a trip this weekend! I got some great ideas from your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great job on the deals. Is the pantene shampoo for me? HAHAHAHA love you lots, Gail

Tanya said...

Melissa - can't wait to see what kind of deals you can snag!

SH - I'm so jealous of the toys you were able to snag! They were pretty picked over when I went through the toy area :(

Gail - I only had coupons for the full & thick type ones - no blonde expressions.

slugmama said...

I hear ya about being worn out from shopping. I need someone to take my keys for a week so I stay out of the grocery stores.....any volunteers??lol

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