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May 19, 2009

Target Experience

(This happened last Friday):

I had a horrible experience at Target this morning!

I went there this morning with the sole intent of just purchasing items using Target coupons and matching them up with mannies. My list included mayo, Dove go Fresh, Pringles, Quaker snacks, yogurt, apples and Bliss candy bars. I went to one of the friendly cashiers (one who has rung me up countless times - but I had never done the Bliss candy with her). When she got to the Bliss it said "item isn't here for coupon" or whatever message pops up. She looks at the coupon and says, "I can't take this coupon, it's for the bags not the bars". I then tell her that it doesn't show a size which she agrees but she still wants to check with a supervisor. She takes it over to a supervisor who says they won't take it for the item. I then tell the supervisor that I have a letter (the one Ginger had on Attention Target Shoppers) saying that the coupons should be adjusted down. She takes the letter and reads it but then decides she needs to call the manager.

Scott then comes up, takes once glance at the coupon and says, "I'm not taking this coupon." I tell him about the letter and he says he's not going to read the letter. I then ask him to call corporate to see what their policy is since he tells me they cannot adjust down coupons (which is a bold-faced lie since cashiers have done it before). He says he's not wasting his time by calling corp. He says because the bag is pictured that's the only item the coupon is for. I tell him that is untrue, if it were it would specify the size on the coupon. I show him the Quaker snacks coupon and explain that I have used that coupon on countless Quaker products, not just on the Simple Harvest, which is pictured. He doesn't really have a response to that. Meanwhile, every time I try to explain it to him he keeps interrupting. I ask him to please stop so I can talk. He doesn't. So then I begin to interrupt him. (I figure if he's not going to respect me, I'm not going to respect him.) He tells me if I continue to act like this he'll cancel my transaction right now and make me leave his store. I reply, "You're going to make me leave?" and he says yes, he will. I then ask incredulously, "Over 8 cents? You're going to make me leave over 8 cents?"He replies,"Yes, I'll make you leave and I'll make sure you aren't allowed back!" I could not believe what I was hearing. He was SO rude and completely disrespectful. To make a long story a little bit shorter, in the end he said he would call corporate sometime today to see what the policy was. I told him if he would have suggested that in the first place (which I DID suggest since I told him there was a phone number on that letter) this could have been avoided. After he left I apologized to the cashier because I felt horrible for her having to go through that. I was very proud of myself because not once did I raise my voice (which is hard for me to do!). Also as I was leaving the store TWO cashiers told me that they hope my day gets better - which to me makes it seem as though they believe he was in the wrong. Otherwise why would they say it that way? This whole thing could have been avoided if he had just read the letter, said he would call corp. and then either say he couldn't take the coupons at that time OR he should have said he would make an exception.

I called Guest Relations after this whole incident - and they AGREED with me. The man that I spoke to said Target researches the coupons they put out. They KNEW the Bliss coupon would be able to be used to get free candy bars. He was very apologetic and said he would be contacting the store and let them know that they are supposed to take that coupon and adjust it down to the $.99.

Friday night Mike & I ran to Target and picked up eight of the candy bars and the cashier adjusted down the coupons. Hmmm, I wonder if I'll see Scott at the store this week?

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Pitcher Family said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I tried to get the bliss bars last week and they said no. I am headed back today, maybe I will try again.

Mindolla said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that. I CANT believe a manager would act that way.
Good for you for taking the high ground. I am afraid I would have put that Bliss bar somewhere else had it been me!

Anonymous said...

The same has happened to me. I was soooo mad because I knew I was right. When I returned from that trip I saw the letter on Ginger's site - Man! Was I happy! So I took my happy self to another Target along with the letter and bought what I needed. There they also had a small problem but after letting them know that I had spoken with the corp office and informed them about the email she confirmed everything with her supervisor - they approved it.

Thank you all!!

slugmama said...

I had a similar experience at Target last thursday. I haven't blogged about it yet because well, it still makes me hoppin' mad!!!
I have sent an email to corporate about my bad experience and I'll be following that email up with a letter to corporate cc'ing the local store on that one.

Nobody should have to go through this kind of C-R-A-P to spend money in a store! Good for you for facing this idiot manager Scott down. I couldn't even get a manager to come over for my bad trip. I just took my coupons back and told em'..."have fun putting it all back!" and left.
I know....I'm bad....LOLOL

Tanya said...

I'll be heading to Target in the morning. We'll see how it goes :)

Slugmama - I hope you do post what happened to you! I would also suggest calling Guest Relations, they will give you a reference number so in case you have the situation happen again you can ask the store to call them which should save you some time and make them more accomodating!

slugmama said...

Thanks Tanya.
I got a response from corporate which I'll print out. Seems the cashier was out of line and I was using the Qs legitimately...which I knew.lol They gave me a reference number so I guess I am set to make another try if I ever get my car back from the body shop.ugh

Jesabella said...

I have had Target Corp send me $3.00 coupons for my inconvenience before. I have explained that Target is a 20 minute drive and that this was a waste of my time when they reject my coupons when they are being used properly. Always ask the Customer Service how they are going to correct the issue and compensate you for your time.

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