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May 12, 2009

Garage Sale Questions

I am getting ready to have a garage sale this Friday and Saturday so posting will be sporadic. I do have some questions for you though. I have never tried to sell stockpile products at a garage sale before. Any advice? Any idea on what would be a good price? Has anyone had success selling these at a garage sale? Thanks in advance!!

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Sarah said...

I have sold them before, and I plan to do it again this year. A good rule of thumb is to price things at about 25% of retail, so I only sell things I got free or as MM usually. I took 80 products to my mom's sale last year - and they were gone within an hour!

SoCalCheapSkate said...

My tip is, set up a table and have a clearly marked $1 section, $2 section and $3 section. This worked very well for me, I made about $70!! Also, have grocery bags available for your customers.

SW Chicago Shopper said...

I put out a table for garage sale items almost every week. I price things at about 25% of the retail price (just as Sarah mentioned). And yes, they will be gone in an hour.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the tips. I could not believe all the stuff I found once I started going through all my areas that I've put my stockpiled stuff :) I hope that stuff sells :) I figure I'll use that money to buy a CVS gift card for future shopping trips!!

slugmama said...

Let us know how you do at the garage sale please.
I'm going to try to sell some stockpile this summer too & I've never done it before.

Tanya said...

I'll let you know. Hopefully it will fly out the door :)

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