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May 27, 2009

New Giveaway!!

As some of you might know I work at a bookstore part-time. On Saturday evenings we get rid of the previous Sunday paper. Any coupon inserts that are in there I usually grab. Last week we had 4 papers left. I don't have a need for all of those coupons so I'm giving you a chance to win them! I've cut them all out and they are ready to be used. I would say there are at least 100 coupons (most of the coupons there are triples of). Coupons include:

-save $1 off Trident gum
-save $1 off DanActive
-Ziploc coupons
-Betty Crocker coupons
and many, many more!!

Want a chance to win these great coupons? It's easy to do and you can enter up to TWO times. One way is to leave a comment on this post. The other way to enter is to become a follower of my blog (leave a separate comment to let me know you've done this). Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you! The giveaway ends on May 31st - Good Luck!!

Do you like what you're reading? If you do please consider grabbing my button, becoming a follower, or subscribing in a reader :)

**The Charity Challenge will take place the week of June 8-12. I hope you can join me!!**


Kimberly said...

I want..please :)
I'm following your blog :)

Kimberly said...

..and a comment..umm
I wish I had a part time job (apart from the 100 full time ones I currently have) that had a perk of left over coupons..
I can wish, dream, want..right??

MrsCrum86 said...

I would love a chance to win some coupons! Can never get enough. Love your blog!

Connie said...

Pick me, pick me~


Jeremy and Mandy said...

Yes please!!

Jana said...

Would love to win!

slugmama said...

You are so lucky to have that free coupon resource at work. I've been trying to bring down the cost of buying multiple papers myself. One of the 2 local papers advertised a special on the local radio station-they were going to have $1 Sunday papers at selected locations that sold the Sunday paper. Well, the Sunday they were to do this came, and do you want to know how they advertised which locations had the cheap copies of the paper?? IN THAT SUNDAY'S PAPER!!! How were you to find the info on getting a cheap paper if you had to buy a paper that day to find out? Unless you happened to regularly get a paper at one of those locations anyway or lucked into going there for your paper that Sunday, you, at the least, had to buy TWO papers to get one cheap(1 paper reg. price somewhere else to find out where to go to get another paper for cheap).
So I am figuring the company actually MADE MORE MONEY with that edition-at least off of couponers.
IS it me, is was the execution of this GREAT idea bad??LOLOLOL
BTW-this is my comment to enter your coupon giveaway.
Like money and thinness, coupons are something you just can't have Too Much of! ;-)

slugmama said...

And even tho I have read your blog religiously for some time now, I just signed up as a stalker, er....I mean a follower. Aren't you just so so lucky to have me??hehehe

Dolphin Girl said...

I would love the coupons!

K. C.
kccuties AT gmail DOT com

Lana said...

I'll gladly take them off your hands.

hartlaj at gmail dot com

Kristy said...

That is awesome that you get the leftover coupons. Thanks for sharing!


Popcorn House said...

I am a follower now! Thanks for all your great tips!

Amanda said...

I would love to have more coupons!


Saving money in West Michigan said...

Yeah! I found your blog through Bargain Braina - I JUST started shopping at CVS this week so you site will come in handy :-) Thanks!

Saving money in West Michigan said...

I am following your blog now too!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Please enter me for the coupons!

moon_princez at hotmail dot com


Jennifer said...

liking your blog! thanks for the great tips.

Jennifer said...

I've also become a follower!

Anonymous said...

i would love these... i love to read ur blog!!!


Anonymous said...

i am now a follower... I always was but I just made it official.... oooohhhh.... i really want these coupons......


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