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April 13, 2009

Why Can't It Work Out??

My transaction for my card did not work :( For some reason the TV stands and printer carts were no longer clearanced today. Since they weren't marked down I was not able to get to the $75 amount. I ended up just using a $5/$25 coupon and I ended up wasting some coupons. Here is what I got:
2 Hershey's bliss chocolate, clearanced to $2.49 each
2 Colgate toothbrushes $3.99 each
1 Softsoap body wash $4.49
3 Adidas deodorant, clearanced to $2.50 each
6 SoBe drinks BOGO free
2 Glucerna cereals $4.59 each
-use (2) $1 off Hershey's bliss coupons
-use (2) $.75 off Colgate toothbrushes
-use (1) $1.50 off Softsoap body wash coupon
-use (3) $1 off Adidas coupons
-use (2) $5 off Glucerna coupons (adjusted to $4.59)
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $12.98 ECBs
=$1.37 OOP, received $18.47 ECBs

So I did end up building my ECBs by over $5 but looking back I did not have to buy the cereal so I wasted those $5 coupons. I was flustered once I realized the carts were no longer clearanced. I guess I won't be using the $15/$75 coupon for my card. I have not done the transaction for Mike's card yet. I'll do that either tomorrow night or on Wednesday. I did get pretty lucky though with the Adidas deodorant being clearanced to $2.50 and then using a $1 coupon and earning $2 ECBs :)

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Trish said...

Their clearance stuff is so weird. I am sorry that didn't work out. I hate it when I get thrown off like that. You did good thinking up another scenerio!

Sarah said...

I was SO mad that the clearance went full price again. The Venus Embrace razors were clearanced at my store for $3, so it would have been a great MM this week. I grabbed it, and when it rang up it was $12. Sneaky sneaky.

Tanya said...

I'm still kicking myself about wasting some of my coupons - like the Glucerna ones. Oh well, my evening transaction went much better :)

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