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April 22, 2009

Another Successful Shopping Trip.....and a freak-out moment!!

bought 2 pkgs. Batman eggs, clearanced to $.74 each
bought 1 pair of ballerina shoes, clearanced to $5
bought 1 bottle Softsoap $2
-used $.75 Softsoap coupon
bought 1 Kotex
-used $1 Kotex coupon
bought 2 Huggies baby wash $3.79 each
-used (2) $1 Huggies bath coupons
bought Bic Comfort 3 razors
-used $2 Bic coupon
bought Bic Soleil razors
-used $2 Soleil coupon
bought 2 Aveeno baby wash $4.79 each
-used (2) $2 Aveeno coupons
bought 2 pkgs. Band-Aids $2.19 each
-used (2) $1 Band-Aid coupons
bought 4 Endust free $3.29 each
-used (4) $2 Endust coupons
bought Bounty napkins $3.79
-used $1 Bounty coupon
bought ALL detergent $4.79
-used $1 ALL coupon
bought Pledge multi-purpose $4.19
-used $2 Pledge coupon
bought Sunchips $3.79
-used $1 Sunchip coupon
bought Dark Cocoa bar $2.49
-used $1 Hershey coupon
bought 2 Special Dark bars $1.59 each
-used (2) $1 Hershey coupons
bought 4 V-8 Fusions $3.99 each
-used (4) $2 V-8 coupons
-used $5/$50 Kmart coupon
=$23.50 OOP

I got some really great deals! My total before all the coupons was over $100 :) After Kmart I went to Target to pick up some more fruit snacks, Planters nuts, and hopefully some more light bulbs. I went back to the food section and grabbed the fruit snacks (4 boxes), I then went to dig my coupons out and they weren't in my reusable shopping bag! I began to panic. I looked in my purse and it wasn't there either. I then remembered that it had been in my shopping cart in the front part (where a child would sit) at Kmart. I had forgotten to grab it out of there when I lifted Noah/carseat out. I immediately called Mike and asked him to call Kmart. He called them and there were able to find it (out in the parking lot in a cart corral!) and it would be waiting for me at the customer service desk. I finished shopping at Target and raced back up to Kmart (about 15 min. away). It was at the customer service desk :) Thank goodness!! That particular coupon book had ALL of my Target coupons AND all of my ECBs. Could you imagine if I had lost that??

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Trish said...

Holy Crap! I am so glad you remembered and acted quick on that! Did you know you can use the Huggies Bath/Body product coupons on wipes? I do it all the time at Walmart and Kmart and get lots of free wipes. Kmart = free wipes alot! :) Glad you had successful shopping trips!

Tanya said...

Trish - thanks for the tip! I did not realize that I could use that coupon on wipes. I still have some of them left :)

slugmama said...

Glad you got your coupons back. I don't blame you for panicking over that!lol

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