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April 6, 2009

April Charity Challenge

Welcome to the April Charity Challenge. How did you do shopping last month? Did you get enough in your stockpile to donate some? I know I did! Below is a picture of what Noah & I will be dropping off tomorrow. I got some great deals and bought more than enough for our house. -7 J&J Buddies soaps
-4 Crest Pro-Health toothpastes
-3 Diabetes monitors
-5 Vaseline lotions
-3 Neutrogena soaps
-8 Kotex products
-1 bottle Excedrin
-1 bottle Irish Spring body wash
-1 container shaving cream
=33 items totaling over $150

I still have 3 more Diabetes monitors to donate and I didn't go through my stockpile that thoroughly.

OK - now it's your turn! Show me how generous you've been :) Leave your link back to your specific Charity Challenge post. Don't forget to link back to my blog also. Thanks for participating!!


Sarah said...

Not linking yet, since its the same pile I had last time. I have not gotten around to taking it all over there, but the Boy Scouts are coming on Saturday to pick it all up :) Wonder what their faces will look like when I fill up their one bag + 6 others, lol. I just hope I can get a receipt from them. Maybe I can get someone to sign my product list & keep the flyer that they gave me - that should work I think.

Helper McGee said...

This is GREAT! I'd love to be part of the May challenge!!!

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