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April 2, 2009

Diapers.com Follow-Up

Remember when I told you about THIS DEAL? I placed my order last Friday and my diapers were delivered on Tuesday. The deal really does work!! My credit card was charged a total of $19.95 and I'll be getting the rebate in awhile from the subscription to Parenting. And since I did my order through Ebates I'll be getting $.55 back from them too! (I had thought I would only get $.20 since that was my OOP but I guess they do the amount off the total before coupons - score!!) Some tips if you haven't done the deal yet:

-I waited 3 weeks for my Huggies coupons to be credited to my account. I finally called diapers.com and the customer service rep. apologized and said they were very behind on updating the mannies and she immediately credited my account. So my advice - mail in your coupons and then call them a couple of days later to have them credited.

-While I was on the phone with her I asked about the Parenting rebate. She said that approximately 2-3 weeks after I receive my diapers I will get a welcome letter from Parenting. If I choose to receive the rebate all I have to do is write "cancel" on it and mail it back. I will receive my check 6-8 weeks later.

I hope this answers any questions that you have about this deal. Let me know how your experience went!!

*As you can see in the picture I did not get the 203 diapers. That is only if you're lucky enough to need the newborn sizes. BUT I did receive 156 diapers (I ordered sizes 3, 4 & 5). And even without getting the rebates from Parenting, Ebates or Caregiver's Marketplace my OOP price/diaper is still less than $.20. Which for Huggies is a pretty good price wouldn't you say?

The April Charity Challenge will take place the week of April 6-10! I hope you'll participate!

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Trish said...

Awesome deal for the diapers. Were you able to find the MIR for the softSoap anywhere?

Tanya said...

No I wasn't :( Did you? I did get them for free though after the coupons and ECBs so that's not too bad :) And the limit is more than 6 also. I've bought 7 so far with one of my cards and it doesn't say I've reached the limit :)

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