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October 21, 2009


So yesterday I finished my Transformer Quest.  It.was.a.nightmare!  This is how it should have gone:  purchase 4 more Herbal Essence products + Transformer movie (should have spent roughly $13.99 OOP - before ECBs).  I went to the north store to purchase the first two Herbal Essence products.  My total came to $2.36 after coupons.  No problem there.  Got into the truck and looked at the receipt - the P&G deal was no longer listed on the bottom of the receipt!  Double checked to make sure I was using the correct card (I was).  Went to the south store and decided I would purchase 2 more HE products and see if the receipt counted them towards the deal.  Nope.  What the heck?  Luckily one of the nice cashiers was working - I explained to her what was going on.  She had no clue why it wasn't working.  She thought maybe it was because I had purchased more than the 3 HE products (limit is 3) - but I knew this wasn't the case since as of Monday night my receipts showed I had $13 towards the deal (4 HE products + puffs).  So she told me to purchase two other products that would add up to the $11.50 I needed to get the movie for $9.99.  I bought the Gain ($11) and Crest ($2.25) and the movie.  The movie STILL rang up at $19.99.  So she printed me out $10 in ECBs.  This would have been OK but my OOP on that transaction alone was over $35!!  Yikes!  I think I'm going to return the Gain and Crest since I didn't need them anyways and the deal still didn't work like it was supposed to after purchasing those products. 

I think if I would have gotten up to the $25 total BEFORE Tuesday everything would have worked out - I just would have had a "coupon" to get the movie for $9.99.  I'm not sure though - did anyone else do this deal?  Just wondering if there was a glitch in the system - let me know your thoughts.

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slugmama said...

I don't buy movies so I'm no help, sorry.
But it sounds like you are right....if you had completed it Sun. or Mon. you'd have had the coupon print to use after Tues. I think this whole thing was just too complicated, even for the computers to figure out.lol
Glad u get your goodies tho. ;-)

Brook said...

No problem on the Dove soap - glad to pass on the savings. I hope your Target had the deal too! :)

Dana said...

the two times I've tried to do a movie deal there the workers didn't know what I was talking about. Even after showing them the ad they had no idea. The movies are never in stock and the manager doesn't know about the deals either and acts like I'm a criminal. The same thing of high out of pocket happened to me when I was trying to get Monsters vs. Aliens and I wanted to take all the stuff back since I STILL don't have the movie but I can't find the receipt!

Anonymous said...

"Note: Sunday & Monday you will get a $10 coupon for Transformers, Tuesday - Saturday you need to buy Transformers in the same transaction and the $10 will automatically be deducted."

This is from SouthernSavers. I actually purchased my items Sunday so I could get the coupon and not have any confusions, whiched worked out better because my OOP was lower.

Anonymous said...

The only way the items will ring up properly on the movie deals is if all items are purchased in the same transation. It will not "roll" the whole week like the other deals will. There is another good deal coming up in 2 weeks that will be similar and the dollar amount will have to be reached in the same transation to get the movie-which also has to be rung on that ticket.

Tanya said...

Anon #2 - If that is the case why does it show on the bottom of the receipt how much is needed to reach the reward? After my first two trans. to get the movie deal it showed on the bottom of my receipt that I needed $11.50 to reach the Transformers deal amount.

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