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October 9, 2009

Couponing Mistakes

You would think since I've been an avid couponer for over a year now that I would stop making stupid mistakes - but I still do every once in awhile.  Today was one of those days.  Both of the boys were up repeatedly last night so this morning all I wanted to do was sleep in.  That was not to happen though, since Logan went to daycare this morning.  I decided to do my CVS run this morning which was a bad idea.  For some reason I thought I had to buy $25 worth of the J&J medicine products to get the $10 ECBs (only had to buy $20 worth), I bought 2 Colgate products instead of just the one item so I "lost" out on $2 ECBs and I still bought the Revlon items even though the cashier would not take the $1 coupon.  The Revlon items aren't that big of a deal since they were still a good price but the other ones were just plain dumb mistakes.  Here are the two transactions I did:

2 Children's Tylenol products $6 each
used (2) $2 Tylenol IP coupon
Colgate toothbrush $2.99, get $2
used $1 Colgate coupon
2 Revlon nail polishes $3.99, get $3
4 Carefree feminine pads $3.79, get $3.79 each (raincheck item)
used (3) $1 Carefree coupons
used $5/$25 CVS flu quiz coupon
used $17 ECBs
=$9.47 OOP, received $24 ECBs

I had been waiting over a month for CVS to get the Carefree products in.  Since the raincheck was from so long ago the cashier had to print out two separate ECBs for $8 each - so I actually made $3.63 on 3 of the packs and $.21 on the fourth one (since I didn't have another $1 coupon)!!  This was a really good transaction.  The next one is where things went horribly wrong:

2 Sudafed products $6.50 each, get $10 wyb $20 of qualifying products
used (2) $2 Sudafed coupons
Colgate toothpaste $2.99, get $2
used $1 Colgate coupon
Tone bar soap $1.88, get $1
used $1 Tone IP coupon
2 Revlon nail polishes $3.99, get $3
used $5/$25 CVS flu quiz coupon
used $14 ECBs
=$1.62 OOP, received $17 ECBs

All in all it wasn't a horrible transaction but I could have built up my ECBs even more had I not bought the extra $5 in cold products and the Colgate toothpaste. 

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Dana said...

The lady I had didn't want to take the $1 coupons for the nail polish either but after I just stood there without saying anything she put them through without another word.

Tanya said...

Hahahahaha - that is GREAT :)

SH said...

I had the same problem ! I spent 9.00 at cvs eek ! I make mistakes all the time, but my total kinda shocked me. Oh well , can't win em all. heres my trip

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