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October 12, 2009

October Charity Challenge

Welcome to the October Charity Challenge!  This was a great month for shopping - CVS had a lot of free after ECB deals and Kmart doubles were back too!  Here is what I dropped off last week:

Last week I dropped off my donations for the month.  Once again, I took them to the Ronald McDonald house.  Here is a breakdown of what I donated:

-14 feminine items
-5 shaving creams
-4 razors
-5 toothbrushes
-5 toothpaste
-2 lotions
-2 deodorants
-1 aspirin
-1 eye drops
-1 nose spray
-7 shampoo/conditioners
-5 Tide travel size
-2 Wet ones
-3 Air Wick roof freshener
-1 Veet
-1 Pedialyte
-1 throat coolers

I was able to donate 60 items this month (over $175 worth of merchandise)!! 

Now it's your turn - did you donate?  Leave a comment with your link.  Don't have a blog?  That's ok - just leave a comments telling us what you were able to donate.

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slugmama said...

Now that the flea market it done I can get my donations together. I'll post/link to you in the next day or so...

frugal mommy said...

In Fargo Firstlink is having a "Toilet Tree" drive for toiletries. I didn't have all that much but I did donate 5 toothbrushes, 1 lotion, and 4 razors.

Tanya said...

Great job frugal mommy - every little bit helps :)

Can't wait to see what you donate slugmama :)

Anonymous said...

Do you ask for receipt when you donate, or just drop it? I mean can they provide a receipt for tax purpoces?

Tanya said...

Anon - I do ask for a receipt. Most places that accept donations do have the tax forms to give you. They will usually fill in everything but the monetary amount and sign it.

Doing the charity challenges are a great way for me to keep track and document what I've given over the past year :)

slugmama said...

I finally got my October donation together. The post can be viewed here....

Bargain Becky said...

I've been doing a week long challenge to see how many groceries I can get for my local food pantry. The sales end Thursday so I hope to donate all I have on Friday. Here are the posts:


Great blog you hvae!!! I love reading it, although I'm not really into CVSing lately. You are awesome with your charity giveaways!

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