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October 2, 2009

Kmart Trips

I made two quick trips to Kmart this week.  I wanted to buy some Glade products so I could get in on the SC Johnson rebate (look at slugmama's great scenario HERE).  I also picked up some other great deals and found some shirts for Mike that were on clearance for only $2.99!!  They should be perfect for him to wear to work (short sleeved, polo-style).  Here are the transactions:

4 pkgs. Poise pads $3.69 each
used (4) $2 Poise coupons
Snuggle fabric softener $3.25
used $1 Snuggle coupon
Chester's popcorn puffs $2
8 Bliss candy bars 3/$2
used (4) BOGO Bliss coupons
4 Reese's PB cups 3/$2
2 Twix candy bars $.89 each
used (2) Free coupons
=$6.38 OOP

I had meant to use 4 Reese's coupons but when I got to the registers I was told I had to limit it to 10 coupons.  I forgot to have the cashier remove those items (and I accidentally used 11 coupons).  I guess the last time that they had the doubles someone came in with a flippin' shoebox full of coupons and used them ALL in ONE transaction!  Hmm, perhaps that's why the shelves were empty last time.

Anyway - here is my transaction from today:
Mr. Potato Head "fryer fighter" toy $7.99 (x-mas gift for Noah)
used $2 Hasbro coupon
6 polo-style shirts $2.99 each!!
b-day card $2.79
b-day card $2.79
2 pkgs. Sparkle paper towels $3.29 each
used (2) $1 Sparkle coupons
4 Glade refill candles 2/$5
used (2) $2/2 Glade coupons
2 Glade reed diffusers $4.99 each
used (2) $2 Glade coupons
2 Starbucks frap. drinks $2.39 each
used (2) $1 Starbucks coupons
Kellogg's pop-tarts $2.49
used $1 pop-tarts coupon
used $5/$50 Kmart coupon
=$32.84 OOP

I think the transaction this morning was great - I was able to get Mike some shirts for work PLUS all that other stuff.  I will also mail off for the $5 rebate!!

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Anonymous said...

I went to KMart Saturday, that was my only trip this week. I got some snacks (the wheat thins were 50 cents after coupon) and and a few personal items. I knew Kmart had the 10 coupon/trip rule, but they've never enforced it. I had about 15 coupons and they let me use them, but told me not to tell anyone that they were nice at Kmart. :) They told me the box story also. Crazy, rediculous. CB

slugmama said...

You done good again at KMart Tanya!

I got hubby a shirt and #2 son some shorts for $2.99 on Sat. at another KMart further from where I live. Can't beat that price, huh?lol

Tanya said...

CB - they have never enforced the 10 coupon rule with me until this week. I guess one kid poops in the pool and the rest of us suffer ;)

Definitely cannot beat that price slugmama!! I went back today to pick some of the shirts for my Uncle and they were out :(

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