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March 19, 2009

A Great Morning For Saving!

This morning I decided to give Walmart another shot. Some of you might remember THIS post from the beginning of February. I had not gone to Walmart since that incident. Mike had told some of his co-workers about what had happened and they told him to avoid the south one (which is closer to my house) if at all possible. The one up north is much better. So I figured since I was going up north anyways to see if they were right. I went through my coupons last night to find my high dollar ones and wrote down the items I was hoping to score for almost free or free. Here is what I got:
2 Ken's salad dressing $2.24 each
4 Danimals yogurt drinks $2.58 each
2 100 cal. pack oreo cakesters $2 each
4 McCormick seasoning packs $1, $1.50, $1.56, $.82
1 pack infant socks $4 (needed)
3 Huggies natural baby wipes $2.28 each
3 baby cotton swabs $1.38 each
2 boxes Crystal Light to-go boxes $1.97 each
2 Crystal Light mixes $2.98 each
3 boxes of Pocky $1.08 each
5 J&J buddies soaps $.97 each
10 boxes Kotex liners $1 each
1 Danactive $2.28 each
1 Dannon yogurt 6 pack $2.54
2 pkgs. Luden cough drops $1.22 each
1 can Delmonte peaches $.98
1 can Muir Glen tomatoes $1.62
8 jars baby food $.48 each
12 boxes Mentos gum $1.28 each
-use (2) $2 off Ken's salad dressing coupons
-use (4) Danimals $1 off coupons
-use (1) $2 off cakesters coupon
-use (1) try me free cakesters coupon
-use (4) $1 off McCormick spices coupons
-use (3) $3 off Huggies Natural diaper coupons
-use (3) $2/2 J&J baby products coupons
-use (5) $1 off J&J buddies products coupons
-use (2) $1/2 Crystal light coupons
-use (5) $1 off Kotex coupons
-use (5) $.75 off Kotex coupons
-use (1) $1 Dannon yogurt coupon
-use (1) $1 Danactive coupon
-use (2) $1 off Luden drops coupons
-use (1) try me free Delmonte fruit coupon
-use (1) $.75 Muir Glen tomatoes coupon
-use (12) $1 off Mentos gum coupons
=$37.26 OOP

This was a great shopping trip! I purchased 68 items total. If I would not have bought some impulse items (socks and baby food), my total would have been even less! I had a great cashier who scanned my coupons with no problem! If I would have known I was going to have such a nice one I would have bought more wipes with the $3 coupons :)

Before my Walmart trip I had to stop at my #1 store - CVS! My Mom had told me about a great Hershey's deal and I couldn't pass up getting some chocolate :) Pictured above is what I got.
1 Hershey's bliss $3.50
1 Jolly rancher $2
1 Hershey's eggs $2
1 Cadbury mini eggs $2
3 Hershey's kisses $1.88 each
2 gold emblem $.88 each
1 dry idea deodorant $2.99
1 bic soleil refill cartridges $6.99
1 Reinventing Beauty magazine $.99
-use (1) $1 off Hershey's Bliss coupon
-use (2) $1.50/3 bags of Hershey's coupons
-use (1) $1/2 gold emblem candy coupon
-use (1) $2 off Bic Soleil
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $13.98 ECBs
= $3.86 OOP, received $10 ECBs

I'll be returning the Dry Idea. For some reason it rang up $3.47, the cashier then adjusted it to $2.99. She then refused to use the $2 off coupon because she said I would be getting $2 in ECBs. I was so confused by the whole thing! For some reason I thought she had price adjusted it to $.99 but realized once I got home that she p.a. it for $2.99. So I'll be returning it. Other than that I got some yummy candy that will be perfect for Easter baskets for really cheap. I also found the coveted Reinventing magazine. There are some awesome coupons in there!! I think I'll be picking up a couple more of those magazines since there are quite a few coupons for $1.50 or more and the mag was only $.99!!

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Trish said...

Hey Tanya, At walmart, did the $3 coupon for huggies natural fit work for the wipes? I have lots of those and was scared to use them.. lol! As for Kmart, you have till Synday till they double. I worded that wrong.. it is this coming sunday the 22nd.

Tanya said...

Trish - The $3 off coupons DID work! I only got 3 of the wipes containers (if I had known I was going to have such a kick a$$ cashier I would have picked up more!!) So I ended up making about 75 cents/pkg. of wipes :) Can't beat a deal like that!!

Trish said...

That is AWESOME! I am so going there tonight to get more. I have more wipes then I EVER imagined. LOL, but twin 1.5 year olds go through them like they are water. Which color box of wipes is it?

Tanya said...

I got the white colored ones. They say "natural care" on them. They were marked $2.28. I think those are the only ones that said "natural care" on them.

I have about 20 boxes of wipes in my stockpile right now but I know I'll go through those in no time with my 7 mos. old!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

Wow, wonder why they did that about the dry idea.


Tanya said...

Shannon - I'm not sure what really happened, but I've had problems with that cashier before. One time she told me that they're not able to print out ECBs after a transaction.

Katie said...

I saw you on Ring Around the blog - EXCELLENT Deals today!

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