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June 15, 2011

29 Cents For All That?!?!

Ok, well, technically I paid $25.29 but I still think that's a great deal for 120 diapers, a bottle of body wash and a pack of wipes.  I got this deal with a recent Groupon purchase.  A couple of weeks ago they had a deal that for $25 you could get a $50 certificat to DiapersDirect.com.  I checked out the site and even though their prices are generally higher than Amazon.com, once you factored in that you were getting everything for half price it ended up being a good price for me to get diapers.  When diapering 3 kids it's amazing how quick they go through a pack.  It feels as though I'm constantly buying diapers and scouting for diaper deals so when once comes along that is decent I jump on it!

When the deal first came out I bought some of the overnites.  That ended up costing me $0.47!!  (OK, again $25.47) but I got 4 packs of them.  These packs are usually $9.99/pack so I still saved over $15 by doing the deal through DiapersDirect.com.

I highly suggest signing up for the email/phone alerts from Groupon.  Even if you don't have one very close to you (nearest city for me is over 6 hours away) you can still get in on the online deals!

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