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November 11, 2009

UGH - Target - UGH

I swear I have the absolute worst luck at Target (well, except my poor hubby).  I ran there last night just to get out of the house for a bit.  I wasn't quite sure what I was going to pick up (I ended up going back today - more on that in a bit) so I kind of just wandered around and scoped out some deals. 

All of the above only cost me $6.99.  Here is the breakdown:
2 lbs. sliced American cheese $2.29 each
used $1.50 Target coupon
used $1.50 IP coupon from coupons.com (visit the link at the bottom of this post)
3 Up & Up wipes $1.47 each
used (3) $1 Target coupons
2 Yoplus Yoplait yogurts $2.09 each
used (2) $1 Yoplait coupons
5 Glade products $2.50 each, $5 Target G.C. wyb 5 products
used $1.50 Glade coupon
used (2) BOGO Glade coupons (available at Right@Home.com)
Get Well card for my Mom $.50
used $5 Target Gift card
=$6.99 OOP, received $5 Target G.C.

So where were the problems??  Well the first one was that they had a sign by the Yoplus that the product was being substituted for the Activia that they were out of so the price should have been $1.91.  Of course I didn't realize this until later.  The second thing was the BOGO coupons.  When the cashier scanned them I noticed it didn't take a $ amount off (or ask her to type the $ amount in).  At the end of the transaction I asked her if those coupons had been subtracted.  She said yes they were.  Hmmm, big surprise but when the receipt printed out the additional $5 had not been taken off.  She could not figure out how to fix the problem so I ended up going over to Customer Service where they gave me $5 cash.  I guess that works too.  This is the 3rd time that those coupons did not scan properly - of course the first two times I didn't notice until I got home. 

The other problem I constantly have at Target is the fact that they always forget to credit me for the reusable shopping bags.  Last night I remembered to ask her and she did give me the nickel credit.  I know this is common sense for most of you (but sometimes we can get distracted) but remember to watch and make sure the items are ringing up correctly and the correct amounts are being taken off for the coupons.  I'm so glad I realized the $5 had not been deducted right away.  How has your experience been at Target lately?

Today we ran there to do the Up!/Monsters Inc. deal.  And (big surprise) that didn't go smoothly either!  They were out of Monsters Inc. and because of that they will not price match (Best Buy has it for $18.99) on the raincheck.  So we didn't get it.  I did manage to find the Santa Spud (Mr. Potato Head) for $5.99 and used the $5 coupon from coupons.com so at the least the trip wasn't a total bust.

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felchle said...

Now...tell me where did you find these $1.47 wipes??? I was there today and didn't see any in the baby section...Are they somewhere else??


SH said...

I know sometimes Target can be a pain. Last week they threw my 10.00 coupon in the trash.............instead of using it. I found the flushable wipes in the diaper/wipe aisle at my target although they were located on the very top shelf. Kinda hard to see maybe your store has them there too ! Good Luck !

Tanya said...

The wipes were on one of the shelves in the baby aisle. I didn't see the 97 cent ones there, but they might have been out.

Anonymous said...

Where are you finding the Christmas Spud? I went to the playschool section in the toys and could not find it I also checked seasonal but nothing..Thanks!

Tanya said...

I found the X-mas Spud in the seasonal aisle. There was an aisle that had stocking stuff/Christmas themed toys and it was on the shelf there. Hope this helps!

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