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November 9, 2009

November Charity Challenge

Welcome to the November Charity Challenge!  I'm excited to see what everyone was able to donate this month. 

I donated 47 items this month (over $165 retail value).  Pictured above are:

-14 Kotex products
-1 Poise product
-2 St. Ives face wash
-6 shampoos/conditioners
-3 deodorants
-1 toothpaste
-2 ready to use formula
-1 formula sample
-3 aspirin
-1 nasal spray
-1 ear rinse
-2 V-8 juice
-2 Glade sense & spray
-2 Glucose monitors
-2 razors
-3 toothbrushes
-1 wet ones wipes
-1 bag of cough drops

Now it's your turn!  Did you donate this month?  Show off what you were able to give away by linking to your post below.  Don't have a blog?  That's OK too - just leave a comment.

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Diane said...

Great job,
So far this month I have donated 4 bags of food to the pantry. This week I am making up a huge basket of stuff to give a friend who is laid off. She has 2 kids and is short on money.

felchle said...

I sent a box to a soldier from anysoldier.com. Here's the list of what I had in there...

6 bottles of those freebie eyedrops from Target
6 bars of Dove soap
10 Dry Idea deoderants
10 Sure clinical strength deoderants.
10 Dove trial size shampoo/conditioner travel sizes
20 special K protien bars
20 packages of M&M's
10 travel size bottles of various types of lotions
1 set of new twin size sheets
1 box of zipper ziploc bags
20 packages of the tide one use detergent.
10 tubes of blistex chapstick
5 tubes of Burt's BEes chapstick.
10 bottles of travel size purell.

I paid less than $20 total for all this stuff...shipping cost me $11 something. :)

Tanya said...

Great job you guys!! I really, truly LOVE the fact that couponing enables me (and you) to get so much for free that I can donate to those that need it!

slugmama said...

Ok Tanya, I will be late AGAIN with my donation this month.
I am in the midst of collecting(aka shopping at Acme for free stuff)this week. After Wed. I can get in the stockpile too to purge and get my car loaded up to take to the Food Bank.

Wouldn't it be awesome if a bunch of us couponers lived in the same town and donated like this all the time? I think we could open our own Food Bank!lol

I'll check in and link up this weekend or so....

Tanya said...

Can't wait to see what you're able to donate Sluggy! Shop your heart out at Acme - just know that I am EXTREMELY jealous of the deals you've been snagging there :)

That would be great if we could do that - I think people would be so impressed ;)

SH said...

Great work ! I haven't donated much lately just 4 or 5 glucose monitors... I need to do more!

Sarah said...

I posted a link back to you today :) I just did a Charity Challenge too: $476 worth of items. So so much fun to do this!!

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