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November 25, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I feel like lately I cannot catch up!  And I don't really know what I've been busy with, I've just been busy!!  Like most of you know the boys & I went to the eastern part of the state for four days - ever since then I've been playing catch-up.  Not that I'm complaining though since there were 11 women who showed up for my two couponing classes.  That was great!  Now I'm trying to get one lined up in Bismarck - there have been a number of people interested in the area who would like to attend, including some who could not make it to my last class.  Mike's Great Uncle also passed away earlier this week so in addition to traveling on Thanksgiving we'll be traveling to attend the funeral also.  I've also been working at my other job so to say it's been crazy is an understatement :)

I haven't posted any CVS deals lately since they haven't been that great.  I did buy (of course) the Complete contact solution this week and I did the Huggies deal (spend $20, get $5 ecbs) since I was running low on diapers and pull-ups.

I ran to Walmart this morning to do the last of my Thanksgiving meal shopping (I'm making pumpkin pie, jell-o w/Cool whip and some sort of potatoes to take to my Mom & Dad's).  I did some coupon match-ups before going since I had some coupons expiring at the end of this month that I knew I could use while there.  My matching up coupons with sale prices and their low-prices I was able to save $55 with coupons!!  My total was over $127 and after scanning my coupons my total was just a little over $72!!  It had been quite a long time since I had shopped like that - usually I only go in for a couple of things to keep my OOP low, but because I had quite a few high dollar coupons expiring soon I wanted to make sure and use them.  I was proud of myself too - I didn't even stray off of my list and I avoided the toy and clothing areas (which are my two biggest impulse weaknesses!).  I got some really great deals.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll be back to my regular posting soon.  I will be one of the crazies out on Black Friday so I'm sure I'll have pictures of my awesome CVS deals.

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1 comment:

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

Miss your posts. Hope you are doing well!


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