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March 1, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I suppose I have some explaining to do huh?  I've been absent from my blog for almost a month and I am SO sorry about that but I do have some good reasons!!  I have not been feeling well at all.  I started getting sick around the middle of January.  Every morning I was completely nauseous and I couldn't explain why (anyone know where this is going??).  Towards the end of the month I took a pregnancy test (more like three!) and they all came back positive.  To say this was a shock is an understatement :)  So I made a doctor's appointment for Feb. 26th for my first check-up.

Fast forward to the middle of February.  Mike & I went to Dallas for a week.  He went down there for training and I just tagged along.  The boys stayed with Mike's Aunt.  It was a nice and relaxing time and a much needed break.

So last Friday I had my OB appointment and since I didn't have an exact date of my last cycle my doctor suggested an ultrasound so we could get a good estimation on the due date.  I agreed since I am a planner and because I LOVE getting to see the actual baby :)  We go into the ultrasound and the tech puts the gel on and puts the wand on my tummy and instantly finds the baby.  She then moves it a little and there is the baby again - only this time baby is facing the other direction.  The tech then asks if twins run in the family and I mention that yes, my Grandpa is a twin.  Mike & I begin to mildly freak out!!  Holy cow - one baby was surprise enough but now TWO?!?!?  Whoa!!

I am due towards the end of September and I think it's finally sinking in.  I am carrying twins - Wow!!  Next fall I will have a 5 year old, a 2 year old and newborn twins.  And because they changed the law here in ND, Logan will not be starting school.  So I will have four kids at home.

A lot to process huh?  Tell me about it :)

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Sydni said...

Congratulations! What a surprise! That sounds almost exactly like my family, except we're all girls. I have a sister 3 years younger than me, and twin sisters 3 years younger than her. Good luck with the pregnancy and hope you're feeling less nauseous!

slugmama said...

I was wondering what you were up to....lol

First of all Congrats on your double surprise!lol
I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and your labor is short. ;-)

Now get busy stockpiling those diapers!lolol

4 kids under school age at home....oh my! I thought I had it bad with 3 under age at home.

Wow....oh, the fun that's coming...lolol

Sarah said...

OMG, congratulations!!!! I was wondering what happened to you, and hoped that everything was ok.

SonyaAnn said...

Congratulations! Start stocking up on the diapers!

Daisy said...

HI Tanya,
I completely get your whole scenario. I think my reaction was just the same. We went in for a regular ultrasound and when they said there were two heartbeats and two little bodies I instantly went into shock. You are forever apart of a special kind of club now...LOL
My twins are almost five now and still to this day I wonder how I did. It is a blessing!
Now you can stop by my mommy with multiples tab on my my Deal Fanatic Blog...see, already your apart of a new group :-)
Congrats to you all, it will be wonderful!

Brook said...

Wow! Congratulations!!!!

Brook said...

Wow! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Trish said...

Hey Tanya! Congrats! ~and~ good luck! lol YOU WILL NEED IT! I have 2 year old boy twins and 2 older kids as well. They keep us hoppin!

I have been MIA for a long time as well. My excuse - boring old work!

Hope your feeling good! Take Care!


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