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December 16, 2009

In Need of a Little Help

So KFYR TV is going to be coming over tomorrow afternoon to interview me (again!!).  They would like the interview to focus on ways to save on gifts/the holidays.  I need some ideas!  Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated :)  Thanks!

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Sarah said...

I am using MyPoints to help pay for our holidays. Also cashing in rewards from CCs - I just treat it all as "free" money to me.

Trent at the Simple Dollar had a good idea to help find the perfect gift for someone. He took a few moments to think about each person & jot down things that they liked, or things that they are (caring, soccer, funny, card games), etc. He put those words into google, and usually on the first page found something pretty cool! I love the idea - going to use it for my SIL. In every case, he came in under budget.

Brook said...

I have had rebate checks collecting on my fridge to use for Christmas money (or the after Christmas "holy crud I am broke!" ordeal). Using MyPoints (Target and more gift cards) and Swagbucks for amazon.com cards. I have saved change over the entire year in a jar which ended up in a nice sum of money. Used coupons, of course! :) Tons of toy coupons out there lately. Watched the sales, compared ads. What you think is the cheapest store, isn't always! And the biggest money saver for me this year has been that our family set dollar amounts of $20-$25. In addition to that, we also drew names/are doing a grab bag type - so we aren't buying for EVERY adult. That limit is also at $20-$25. All the kids still get stuff from everyone, but the adults only get a couple of gifts. It works great! I like it too because the day becomes more focused on being together, and that one gift you got from someone usually has a lot of thought in it.

Hope that helps!! :)

DakotaMom said...

So...can we have an update...did you make the news? I looked for a news story but couldn't find it... :) Link please!

Tanya said...

It will be on Christmas Eve :) Not sure what time - if it's like last time I'll be on every.single.one :)

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