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June 4, 2009

One Trip

On Tuesday I made my one and possibly only trip to CVS this week. Their ad is quite disappointing this week. I did see that they have an Aveeno deal so I might try to do that since I have loved all of the Aveeno products that I've tried so far. Here is what I got on my trip:I bought 4 bibs. And the only reason I got those is because they were clearanced for $.99/2 pack. I couldn't pass up the good deal :) So what have you found this week at CVS? Any deals you couldn't live without?

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Sarah said...

I only bought the items that I had CRTs for - Huggies Wipes ($2.50 on sale - $2 CRT) & Glade air freshners (CRT for $1, on sale for $.99). I might have to go back & see what is on my card, but its not really worth the drive unless they finally have some raincheck items in stock. Maybe they will since the sales are not good & no one is going this week :)

BECKY! said...

I was so disappointed with the flyer this week that I just tossed it. Good deal on bibs though!

PoorMom said...

6/7 CVS is looking to be great !
Lots of half back in ECBs and coupon matchups to make them money makers. Check out my post at http://poormom.info for CVS, Walgreens and Target deals too !
I have lots of coupn match up links for you as well.

Tanya said...

Thanks poormom, I'll check it out! Come back and check out the deal I got on Pampers today! $1/90 diapers :) I'm so happy I can barely stand it!!

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