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June 7, 2009

CVS is Back!! *Update*

I could not believe the deal I found on CVS.com - it sounded too good to be true, but it is true!! I just bought 210 diapers for $2!! This deal is only good through today (for ALL coupon match-ups). But even if you get there sometime this week you can still snag the diapers for around $3/pack which is still a great deal. Be sure to print out THIS page and take with since the ECBs are not automatically generated. Here is the deal:
buy 3 packs of diapers $8.99 each
-use (3) $2 off coupons (from P&G brand saver coupon booklet)
-use $5/$25 CVS coupon
-use $14.97 ECBs
=$1.42 OOP, received $15 ECBs

How can you beat a deal like that? I've done that deal twice so far. I used all of my $2 coupons but I still have some $1 ones. After today I won't have the $/$$ coupon to use either but I will still be able to get 3 packs of diapers for around $3/pack - that's a still a great deal to me!!

*Maria's comment made me remember something about my experience: the ECBs did not print out! At the first CVS I visited I showed them a copy of the cvs.com page. The cashier paged a manager up and the manager looked it over. He went to verify the offer but couldn't bring up the web page and also could not get ahold of the ECB dept. (closed on Sundays). He offered to print out $5 in ECBs, take down my name and number and call me once he was able to talk to someone at cvs.com. Less than 10 minutes later, he had called me and said he had spoken to them and they told him he would have to manually print out the ECBs. This was exceptional customer service! The next CVS that I visited I showed the cashier the print-out from the web page and she just manually printed out the $15 in ECBs. So if the ECBs are still not printing just ask them to call corporate after you show them the print-out. Hope this helps :)

Here is the Dove deal that I did today also: (unfortunately the Dove coupons expire today too)buy 2 bottles of Dove shampoo 2/$7

buy 4 bottles of Dove conditioner 2/$7

-use (2) $1 Dove shampoo coupons

-use (4) $1.50 conditioner coupons
-use $4/$20 CVS coupon

-use $7.99 ECBs

=$1.55 OOP, received $10 ECBs

I didn't plan on doing the Dove deal but once I got to CVS and started running the numbers I couldn't pass up a deal where I actually built up my ECBs :)

I plan on doing the diaper deal at least one more time and I still have to get the Dawn dish soap. Did you find any great deals at my favorite store? Let me know in the comments!!

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Maria said...

You are SO lucky they let you do the diaper deal, I brought the page in with me and everything and they still wouldn't let me, we really needed a deal like this right now!
IMO the CVS deals have been so disappointing lately, either they don't let me get the items (today!) or they don't have the products for the deals I want.

Tanya said...

Maria - I would call the customer service number! Your commented reminded me that I need to add something to this post about my experience!

Sarah said...

I dont see anything about the $15 in ECB. They probably pulled it :( I just see that Pampers are $8.99/jumbo pack. Too bad I missed it!

Tanya said...

Yeah it looks like they took it down but if you go to iheartcvs - Erica still has the link up so that you can print out the page and take it with you.

Janet said...

Wow! Those are some really great deals.

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