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June 9, 2009

Kmart Doubles Week

This is from my second shopping trip to Kmart this week. I'll be going back at least one more time. The Off clip-ons are a great deal! Use THIS BOGO free coupon and pair that with the $2 coupon from the recent insert and you'll get both of them for only $3.49 (make sure to give the $2 coupons first)!! I have one more BOGO coupon so I will be doing that deal again!
Here is what I got for only $23.68 OOP:
-2 Axe body washes $.29 each
2 $2 Axe coupons
-1 Axe shampoo $.99
1 $2 Axe coupon
-4 Ready-made Similac formula $1.50 each
4 $2 Similac coupons
-2 Huggies pull-ups $5.99 each
2 $2 Huggies pull-up coupons
-1 Chinet dessert plates $1.29
1 $1 Chinet coupon
-2 Off clip-ons $3.49 for both
1 BOGO off coupon
1 $2 Off coupon
-2 Irish Spring body washes $.99 each
2 $1.50 Irish Spring coupons

When I got to Kmart I asked if I could use more than 10 coupons and the cashier told me that yes I would be able to. I wish I had thought to ask after I made the first trip there because I might have been able to avoid going for a third time. Oh well. Live and learn right?

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Trish said...

I Sooooo wish my Kmart was doing doubles this week! We havent had them since March. :( I hope you ran into lots of great deals. I dont know if you ever need these, but one of the things I was going to pick up for free was the Guaze pads/tapes/etc for first aid kits. With that $1 off J & J coupon from a couple weeks ago you can get some great free/cheap things for first aid kits.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the tip about the J&J products. I did get some great deals - I used up all of my $2 similac coupons (10 total) to buy Noah some ready made formula. This was the first time our Kmart did the doubles since about April so I was happy!

I did make 4 trips up there this week - I think they were sick of seeing my face :)

Trish said...

Hey Tanya,
Haven't seen you blog for awhile? Are you doing ok? Just was missing my CVS deals friend! LOL.


Tanya said...

I took a little break I guess :) I've got a new post going up tonight. The stores haven't been thrilling me too much with their deals.

Kimberly said...

I did my first double coupon thing at Kmart a couple of weeks ago.
There is a 10 coupon per transaction limit. but the manager told me that I could just put the items up to pay for sorted by my 10 coupons per transaction. I had 3 carts (one was kitty little..OMG!) and I just pulled out of the cart the next transaction, and matched up the coupons.
The cashier was having kittens watching all of the money I was saving :)
I don't normally shop at Kmart, but for the double coupons, it was worth it!

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