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May 1, 2010

The Week of Diapers

I picked up a TON of diapers this week!  Both CVS and Target had great deals on them so I figured I might as well stock up while I can in preparation for the twins arrival :)  Sorry - no picture - they are all put away in the closet and arranged by size.  But here is a breakdown of what I got:

5 pkgs. Pampers $8.49 each, received $1 ECBs on some
used (5) $3 CVS coupons
used (3) $1.50 Pampers coupons
used $4/$20 CVS coupon

Most of the diapers were bought on separate transactions and with some other CVS deals.  I paid approximately $3.79/pack of diapers, which is awesome!!  If you calculate that to a per diaper cost it comes to less than 10 cents/diaper!!

15 pkgs. Huggies $8.99 each, get $5 g.c. wyb 3
3 pkgs. Pull-ups $8.99 each, get $5 g.c. wyb 3
used (13) $3 Huggies coupons
used (2) $2 Huggies coupons
used (3) $2 Pull-ups coupons
used (15) $1.50 Huggies Target coupons
used (6) $5 Target gift cards
=$60.32 OOP, received $10 Target gift cards

Obviously I didn't buy all of these at once.  I think I did two trips to Target but did four separate transactions.  I had started out with $10 in gift cards so I just rolled those.  I paid about $3.35/pack of diapers/pull-ups and it works out to about 8 cents/diaper if you figure I bought mostly newborn or size 1's.  This was a great week to stock up and many thanks goes to my Mom & Aunt Raylene for printing me out the Huggies coupons!!  Those $3 coupons were awesome :)

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Tonia said...

How in the world are you able to print so many coupons? Do you go to the library? Do you kow if they charge for that? I would love to be ble to print more than my limit! Great job!

Tanya said...

I have quite a few computers at home to print them from (4) and Mike has a lot of computers at work that he can utilize :)

Tonia said...

That is great! I only have one computer so pretty bummed I can only print two of each unless they are pdf files! Oh well!

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