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January 8, 2010

Another Fab Trip

Have I mentioned there is sickness in my house right now?  Last night Logan (my 4 yr old) was up off and on from 3 AM until I was able to take him into the clinic at 10 AM.  He now has ear infections to go along with everything else.  Hubby also stayed home today since he has decided to become sick too.  I hope I don't get it - I need to remember to pop some Zicam tonight.  This afternoon while everyone was napping I made a trip to Target (to pick up a vaporizer) and stopped in at CVS to pick up some necessities.  Sorry, no picture this time around - I didn't have the energy.  You'll just have to visualize in your pretty little head what I bought :)

Trans #1:
Accu check monitor $14.99, get $10
used $10 Accu check coupon
2 Oust air fresheners $3.99 each, get $3 each
used BOGO Oust coupon
used $5/$20 CVS
used $3 ECBs
=$1.29 OOP, received $16 ECBs!!! 
That's an $11.71 Moneymaker :)

Trans #2:
Cottonelle $12.88, get $4
used $1 Cottonelle coupon
2 Oust air fresheners $3.99 each, get $3 each
used BOGO Oust coupon
CVS Vapor bath $4.69
CVS Electrolyte drink $2.24 (BOGO 50% off)
used $5/$30 CVS Medicare quiz coupon
used $2 off $10 CVS products coupon
used $11 ECBs
=$6.83 OOP, received $10 ECBs

I needed almost everything I bought in transaction two (except the Oust) but by doing the first transaction I was able to really build up my ECBs and use some of them towards the second purchase. 

On another subject I ordered coupons off of eBay for the first time.  I've never bought coupons before over the internet and hopefully it works out because they really were a great deal!  I bought 25 Oust coupons for $3.19 (free shipping) and 20 $1 J&J baby coupons for $2.99.  I won't be able to use all the Oust coupons myself but I'll be sharing them with my Mom, Aunt and maybe have a giveaway for some!

Have you bought coupons from other sources?  Let me know of your experience!

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slugmama said...

When there is something I need to stock up on and I don't buy alot of papers, I get coupons from eBay. The trick there is to find someone who is geographically close to you offering the coupons so you get them quickly. Choosing a seller that way, I've only had 2 times when the coupons didn't arrive in time(1 person turned out to be a flake and the other had personal problems that week so took an extra day to get them mailed).
Otherwise, I've been very happy getting them there.

PoorMom said...

I love buying on Ebay ..be sure to go through Big Crumbs first as you'll get cash back on the coupon purchases too !!!
Also I want everyone to know about free coupon school at http://bigtent.com/groups/lrn2coupon
I need a CVS / Wags instructor !

Sarah said...

not sure if you have a Wags or not, but next week the Oust is BOGO. Those BOGO coupons will work out perfectly :)

Tanya said...

Thanks for the tips! I didn't even think of checking where they are located slugmama :) I'm not too worried this time though since the sale goes until 2/14.

Sarah - No Wags in my area (which I'm kind of thankful for - CVS is enough for me! hahaha)

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